Wilderness Drug Rehab

Article provided by: Harmony Ridge Recovery Center

Wilderness Drug Rehab

For medical assistance and therapeutic healing, we invite you to our Wilderness drug rehab as soon as possible! Harmony Ridge Recovery offers ground-breaking treatment for drug addiction, along with extensive support during the recovery period.

What is the best rehab program?

The best rehabilitation program should function based on holistic premises. We treat people as a whole, offering medical assistance for physical problems, therapy support for mental recovery, and experiential therapies for spiritual rejuvenation. We do that because we believe that the only way to treat addiction effectively is by addressing the causes.

Since drug addiction affects people in all aspects of their lives, our rehab treatment illustrates the holistic concept perfectly. During the treatment, you will receive:

  • Extensive clinical assistance (medical detox and medication-assisted treatment)
  • Behavioral therapies and dual-diagnosis treatment (CBT, biofeedback, trauma recovery)
  • Lifestyle adjustments (improved nutritional plans, optimized sleeping patterns, adventure therapy, etc.)
  • Spiritual rejuvenation support (music and art therapy, meditation, yoga, nature walks, 12-Step recovery, etc.)
  • Social accommodation and reintegration (group therapy, individual counseling, sober living program, etc.)

All these programs are part of a vast recovery strategy that may span for years to come. For the full extent of our services, contact us and an expert will provide you with further details!

How long do you need to stay in rehab?

The answer will vary, depending on the severity of your addiction, age, medical history, and response to treatment, among other factors. While some people recover fully after 30-day detox and therapy, others need 120 or 180 days, or even more than that, up to a year and beyond. In reality, however, the rehabilitation process will never end.

It is a continuous process of self-improvement and personal transformation that will change your future entirely. We provide our patients with long-term support, as we teach life values, coping skills, career tips, and personal improvement strategies designed to keep you sober for a lifetime. Our mission is to help you become an independent, successful, and fulfilled individual, which is why we advise you to take your time with the rehab. It will be the most important journey of your life, which will change you as a person.

A new life after addiction

To live a normal, healthy life after addiction, you must prepare yourself to make sacrifices along the way. You can remain sober over the years, but you need to adopt dramatic lifestyle changes over time, including:

  • Avoiding the people and social circles associated with your old habits
  • Eat better, work out more, and find new hobbies to fill your time
  • Adopt improved personal and moral values
  • Fight to keep your family together
  • Expand your social life over time
  • Start a new life and never look back

Our Wilderness drug rehab represents a milestone in your life’s journey – one which will redefine your world. We invite you to Harmony Ridge Recovery to meet our team and talk about your options! Choose to fight for your freedom, and we will help you achieve it today!

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