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5 Signs You're In Need Of Veterans Rehab Facilities In Arizona

If one of your loved ones has returned from a tour of duty and they are no longer themselves, they may be experiencing a newfound addiction. Veterans rehab facilities in the Arizona area are able to help. But how do we know when our loved ones are in need of these veterans rehab facilities in Arizona?

By paying close attention to all of the signs, of course. When you are unsure as to whether your loved one requires a stay at one of the many fine veterans rehab facilities that Arizona has to offer, please be sure to read on and learn more about the following indicators.

1) Bad Flashbacks

A veteran who has begun to self medicate will often start doing so in order to numb the pain of certain flashbacks. Is your friend or loved one constantly experiencing flashbacks that they have no ability to control? Do these flashbacks cause them to become very upset or even hostile? If so, this may be a sign that they are in need of the type of assistance that only a rehab facility can provide.

2) Lack of Memory

A lack of memory could be attributed to any number of conditions, but it behooves you to find out more about the specific problems that are taking place. In many instances, the veteran will merely assume that their memory loss is a normal reaction during the aging process. However, it could be a sign of something far more severe. This is a very important fact that you must keep in mind.

3) Lowered Self Esteem

A veteran who is struggling with addiction and/or post traumatic stress disorder will often lose their sense of self along the way. Has your loved one begun to experience a massive dip in their self confidence? Has their boisterous and confident demeanor been replaced by a hollow shell? Veterans who are going through a decrease in self esteem are often in need of rehabilitation.

4) Relationship Struggles

Returning home from a tour of duty is usually a very happy moment, but that does not mean that the soldier is able to remain happy over the long haul. Coming back home and resuming a normal life is not always easy for a veteran. Even when their spouse and family members are fully invested in their recovery, this may not be enough. Professional assistance is usually required in these instances. Attempting to fix your relationship problems on your own is not recommended. You simply do not possess the tools necessary to affect a lasting change.

5) Self Destructive Tendencies

Self destructive tendencies do not always manifest themselves in obvious ways. The solider may begin to drink or use drugs more heavily. They may start to sabotage all of their personal relationships, so that they can isolate themselves even further. The patient might even lose interest in all of the activities that they usually enjoyed in the past. The more self destructive the veteran's behavior becomes, the more likely they are to require treatment.


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