Best Drug And Alcohol Treatment Facilities So Cal

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If you’ve been trying to find a reliable substance rehab facility for a long time, you’re not alone. We, at Oaks of Hope, are here to tell you that your quest is now over. With decades of experience in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we rank among the leading facilities in the industry. We use a unique approach to the rehab treatment; one that goes beyond delivering temporary relief from addiction.

We have some of the best drug and alcohol treatment facilities in So Cal, along with one of the most comprehensive rehab strategies you can find. Our philosophy is simple: we treat the person, not the disease. It’s a subtle, but critical difference that not all rehabilitation centers are aware it exists.

Instead of using one all-encompassing recovery program, we use many. These include:

Detoxification and withdrawal treatment

The withdrawal is the first barrier that you need to overcome on your path towards recovery. You can’t do it alone, which is why we’re here. Our detoxification program relies on a personalized medication plan to counter the symptoms of withdrawal and stabilize your condition. Depending on your clinical profile and your progress, our experts will adjust the detox strategy accordingly.

The detox process will last between 3 to 10 days, and you will experience the benefits immediately:

  • The manifestations of withdrawal will fade out rapidly
  • Your cravings will diminish greatly
  • A more stable behavior
  • Improved mental and emotional functioning

We’ll be by your side whenever you'll need our help. All you need to do is chill, and enjoy the peace and the quietness at our residential center, during the duration of the procedure.

Spiritual healing

The healing of the spirit is a critical procedure in all our centers. It’s one of the reasons why the consumer market ranks us as having the best drug and alcohol treatment facilities in So Cal. Substance addiction doesn’t only affect your body, but your mind, your spirit, and your hopes and dreams as well. We want to change that.

The process of spiritual healing varies from one person to another because nobody has an exact science on how the human spirit functions. We do have, however, a pretty well-defined outline. Among the strategies we use, we include:

  • Physical workouts
  • Hiking
  • Day trips
  • Guided meditation and yoga
  • Enjoying good food again
  • Swimming
  • Socializing with others, etc.

Self-improvement, education, and relapse prevention

We believe that a successful rehabilitation treatment should ultimately change you as a human being. Only by entirely shifting your system of personal values will you be able to make better, informed decisions about your future. We’ll show you how.

Our counselors will walk you through educational programs, therapy sessions, and will give you valuable life advice. To find out why we have some of the best drug and alcohol treatment facilities in So Cal, visit our website or call us!

Come to Oaks of Hope and rediscover the true beauty of living life it the fullest! Life is precious – stop wasting it on alcohol and drugs!

Best Drug And Alcohol Treatment Facilities So Cal