Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

The overuse of alcohol to the point of addiction may be classified as alcohol abuse. The abuse of alcohol is considered a disease that affects both your physical and mental condition. Unfortunately, sometimes a person who abuses alcohol doesn’t realize the addiction. In some instances a person thinks he or she can stop drinking at anytime, however, this may not be the case. When someone is abusing alcohol they might exhibit some signs.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

There are a number of signs that someone is struggling with alcohol abuse. Those who are suffering with an addiction may try to hide these signs from others because they don’t want to admit they have a problem. Although it is considered an illness, there is still some negative connotations involved with alcohol addiction. However, it is important to note that alcohol abuse can happen to anyone without concern for social status, race, gender or religious affiliation.

One of the signs of alcohol abuse is craving alcohol, especially when under a stressful situation. Other signs include the inability to stop drinking, building a tolerance for alcohol and signs of dependency if you try to stop drinking. If you drink alcohol on a daily basis your body is dependent on it. If you take it away your body goes through alcohol withdrawal. You might get the shakes, become extremely disoriented and also suffer other physical issues. For this reason, it is hard to stop drinking and if you begin to experience withdrawal symptoms you may simply give up and take a drink.

Alcohol Detox

When the body is addicted to alcohol it reacts when alcohol is not provided. The detox process can take several days. The degree of symptoms varies from person to person. Someone who has been drinking heavily for a long period of time might suffer more severe withdrawal symptoms than someone who drinks less.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are difficult to go through on your own. It is often best to try to seek guidance and support from a qualified treatment specialist. You might experience uncontrollable shaking or shivers, fever, hallucinations and a great desire to take a drink. In some extreme cases a person could suffer a seizure or life-threatening fever.

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

You may have heard it said that once you’ve been diagnosed as an alcoholic you will always be one. That is because you might continue to be more susceptible to abuse tendencies throughout your lifetime. You will always have to be aware of these tendencies and learn how to live your life without alcohol. Drinking just a small amount could get you right back into a serious addiction problem. An inpatient alcohol treatment facility is often the best option for those who are dependent on alcohol. A facility is dedicated to guiding people through their addiction and helping them overcome it with the use of a variety of techniques. Most importantly you will get the support of caring professionals who are trained to help you every step of the way. You can find out more about alcohol recovery programs at